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Free Pacman

free pacman game play online

free pacman game play online

Play Free Pacman game online

It won’t be wrong to say that Pacman is always counted among the most famous gaming characters of all time. Almost everyone in their childhood might have seen the little yellow character eating away the pellets and making his way through them as well as trying to stay away from the deadly ghosts at the same time. Namco is the creator of the popular game and it was released for the first time on 22nd May, 1980. With the passage of time, the game has turned out to be extremely popular and several versions have hit the market till now. Nevertheless, free Pacman games have always been a favorite for many online gaming sites offer it under the category of video games and arcade games.


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Before you start looking for free Pacman games, let us provide you a glimpse of its game play. Like we already said, in this game the player maneuvers Pacman through a labyrinth, eating pellets (also known as pac-dots). Now, there are four enemies in the game and they look like ghosts, but their names are kind of cute; they are – Pinky, Blinky, Clyde and Inky. They also roam around the labyrinth with an aim to catch the Pacman. So, if any four of ghosts touches Pacman, the latter shrinks and dies. In this game, a stage is completed only when the Pacman eats up all pellets. But, if all the lives are lost then the player loses the game. However, if the player has earned 10,000 points then the Pacman will get a bonus life.

Free Pacman – Its all about the dots

If you haven’t played free Pacman ever then you may not have any idea about the flashing dots. Well, we are talking about power pellets, and they empower Pacman with the ability to eat the ghosts or enemies; but only for a certain period of time. Every free Pacman game comes loaded with this power, regardless of the version you are playing. Asplay Pacman free online the Pacman eats up a ghost, it withers completely leaving behind the eyes. And, the eyes then return to the box placed in the center of maze where it revitalizes its normal color or appearance. When the blue colored ghosts glow up, it means they are becoming dangerous.

It is important to remember that the time frame during which the ghosts remain vulnerable differs from one stage to the other. Usually, the time frame turns out to be shorter as the game moves ahead. In higher stages, the ghosts would turn white instantly, without showing any blue color beforehand. It means that only for a short period of time they will become vulnerable. In other words, Pacman will have lesser amount of time to eat them up. Even though the enemies run in the opposite direction when Pacman eats a power pellet, but they do not turn out to be eatable. Yes, in the later stages the ghosts do not alter color and can still kill Pacman. So, that is all about the game play of Pacman.

Free Pacman – Got to catch them all

Now, you can choose from two different types of free Pacman games. One of them is the downloadable one, while the other can be played online. Quite obviously, the former option lets you to play the game even when your computer is not connected to the internet. On the other hand, there is no dearth of online Pacman games that are free. Even though the downloadable version lets you to play the game without an internet connection, the online free Pacman games are more popular due to the availability of more number of options. So, choose the one you need.


Play Pacman free online >


Free Pacman – Videos and Gameplay



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