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Play Monopoly Online

Play Monopoly Online game free

Play Monopoly Online game free

Play Monopoly Online for Loads of Fun

In case your friend circle is big enough and you want to have a great time then playing Monopoly online can be an excellent option to consider. And, it is needless to mention that the game of Monopoly has always been one of the favorite games for most people around the world. It would not be wrong to say that the game reminds us of our childhood days. Fortunately, the inception of online games has made it possible to play Monopoly online from anywhere and at anytime. Now, you do not have to arrange the materials needed to play the game, such as the dice, cards, etc. In addition, numerous excellent options are available in the online world to play this game.


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Yes, we are talking about the variations that have added more flavors to this century old game. Nevertheless, almost every variation incorporates the same rules that are followed in a basic game of Monopoly. All you need to do is purchase properties, charge rent, purchase hotels, buildings, and other elements. However, you might come across few changes in some variations, such as different buildings, paid parking instead of a free one, etc. Overall, the value of every single property, including the values of Community Chest and Chance cards remain the same as that of a basic version of Monopoly.

Most of the gaming websites that offer online Monopoly games are based on the Java platform. As you click on the play button/tab, a pop up window will appear where you may have to enter the number of online players you want to invite. Now, you and your fellow players will have to fill in their names or select their respective tokens. Browser compatibility is certainly a major aspect you need to check before starting the game. Therefore, make sure your web browser supports Java version 1.1.5 or higher.

Few benefits of online monopoly:

There are numerous advantages of monopoly game online. If you are alone and need a companion to play monopoly online, you can easily find many players waiting online to play the game. Since this board game is published in a number of languages in various countries of the world, therefore, lots of players from different countries enjoy the game. Moreover, the rules of the game are also same in all the countries that cut off confusion of the players. On the other hand, there is just one difference and that is property’s name as each country has given its own name to the rules.

The other benefit of online monopoly game is that several variations of the page permit players to alter the rules of the game according to their requirement. Some of these rules are – changing the time limit of the game, deciding how to use parking space, and choosing whether to use official rules or not. However, only few monopoly online games allow this feature.

Set up of online monopoly:

The game should start with each player choosing their name, along with the pieces that they will use to play. After that, all players should agree over the rules and make necessary changes, if needed. One can change some rules to make the game short. If your monopoly game is played on flash or java powered application, then there is nothing to worry about the IP address. But, there is some step by step approach to be considered if the game is played using CD-ROM. Additionally, if internet is being used to play monopoly online, then IP address comes in place. Player should even have to give other information in the online version. Setting online monopoly is easy; however it requires certain conditions and proper procedures to be fulfilled.


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