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Sonic The Hedgehog Game

Sonic The Hedgehog Game download free play

Sonic The Hedgehog Game download free play

Sonic The Hedgehog Game – Latest Thrill In The Gaming World

Sonic the hedgehog game is a video game series that has been designed by the Sega Corporation. The star of the series is Sonic, the Psytrance Hedgehog who is the mascot character. The first game of the series was launched in the year 1991 and named as Sega Mega Drive. After the release, another version came on the charts with 8 bit version. Gamers started giving more love to the game and it started selling like apple pies. Soon, the response was overwhelming and players wanted more and more versions of the game. If you check out the current records of this game, you can see that over 50 million copies have already been sold.

Sonic team is responsible for every new creation that you notice in sonic games. Few important members of this innovative team are Yuji Naka – programmer, Hirokazu Yasuhara – game planner, and Naoto Oshima – designer. There are numerous features that one can find in the series of Sonic the hedgehog game, however the most common features of all versions are pretty exclusive, and they are as follow.

Special stages: The player can win surprising chaos emeralds in the special stages. They vary from one version of Sonic the hedgehog game to another.

Rings: You will find an assortment of golden rings in every level of the game. If the player has the golden ring, he can escape any injury from an object or attacker. However, if there is no golden ring with the Sonic, this may lead him to die.

Chaos emeralds: Most versions of this game will have seven chaos emeralds, while others will have six and some seven. Emeralds give magic powers to the player such as laser weapons, energy, nuclear weapons and so.

Master emerald: This emerald comes with a difficulty and contains mystic powers. This stone is protected by powerful characters in tomb of an Angel Island; the player has to defeat them to grab master emerald.

Super transformation: This is an incredible power that players can use to defeat dangerous enemies and make the game easier to win.

Sonic The Hedgehog Game – Technology

Modern technology has made Sonic the hedgehog game pretty popular and high in demand. Sonic came up with plenty of games on many gaming consoles like Xbox and PlayStation2, making huge successes on gaming charts across the globe. One can give the credit of success to the marketing strategy of company. One can consider it as the trump card of Sega Company. You can find dozens of sonic the hedgehog games in the market, that range from conventional 2D graphic kind to sports and racing games. Nevertheless, you can enjoy sonic games now through internet as well. Web has become a popular medium for playing games as it is free and players can familiarize themselves with tricks and adventure of the game. Furthermore, one can even find licensed versions of the game on internet. Eventually, flash games are also increasing their demands among the players.

Since the launch of sonic games, there have been many transformations, and the most popular is the change from 2D to 3D form.  In addition to this, previous this game was played as an adventurous game, but now you can play it in any form, be it puzzles, racing, pinball and other. Such new forms attract more and more players and make them addicted. If you haven’t experienced this adventurous series yet, you have to try it right away and get unlimited fun. After becoming familiar with Sonic the hedgehog game, nobody can take you away from defeating your enemies. If you don’t have gaming console, download it from the internet and grab the thrill!

Sonic The Hedgehog Game Videos


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