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Stronghold Crusader Download

Stronghold Crusader Download
Stronghold Crusader Download

Stronghold Crusader


Stronghold Crusader Download – New Version with New Highlights

Stronghold of previous year was considered as a wrong mix of two games- real strategy game and city builder. The game also focused much on war related aspects. Nevertheless, it stood different from other games in the market because it was a unique castle simulation, first developed after the release of Quicksilver’s castles 2 during the year 1992. The minor glitches of the game were ignored as Crusader gave a new opportunity to gamers to create their world with raze walls, launch cattles, and much more. Now, the game has been revived keeping in mind all the elements that gamers need.


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The new version – Stronghold Crusader will not require you to follow the old rules anymore. The game is all set in Europe and stretches to holy lands, concentrating more on latest aspects and striking features. In the latest version, you will not see time running behind you threatening to complete the mission in the stipulated time. This time more prominence is given to different skills such as attacking castles, and defending them as well. Well, this feature was included mainly because people asked for it. In addition, gamers have been given a surprise that they will be collecting large amounts of cheese as soon as they open the box.

Stronghold Crusader – The Game !

As you begin the game, you would notice similarities and differences between the original game and the newly designed version. Stronghold Crusader involves farms, grasses, crops as well as stockpiling resources as the background features Middle East. The add-ons in the game are Al opponents and different Arabian elements. Previous version of the game had just one mode along with multiplayer head to head functionality. On the other hand, the new version comprises plethora of options for its users.

stronghold crushader 2 download

Stronghold Crusader 2 War is hell

The game color has also been turned to red so that it goes well with Knights templar. The other fresh elements that you would see are marshes, quarry and iron ores. These are actually resources that the player needs to store in order to use them later in the game, for selling as various purposes. Furthermore, as a gamer you need to understand the method of making an army. Firstly, one can create army by creating weapons, and investing some gold so that peasants could become army persons. The other way to do is directly make them soldiers by offering them mercenary post or some extra gold.

Stronghold Crusader Download – Skirmish and all the rest

The other effective trait of Stronghold Crusader is the option to play skirmish games in opposition to challengers on different locations. Some locations include fields that include both positive and negative traits. You can find new characters in the game that can be chosen either as enemies or allies. Some of them are Duc de Puc- the rat, Duc Truffle – the pig, Richard- the lionheart, Duc Volpe- the wolf, the sultan, the caliph, and saladin. The game wants players to complete historical fiction chapters by utilizing the given resources. Each difficult level comes up after the player completes the present level, there are 50 levels to complete the mission. In each level, you have to defeat the king and escape your kingdom. If you are unable to complete any level, you can skip it by using chicken. However, be careful as there are only 3 chickens available for the entire game.

The dynamics of the previous games has been altered to a greater extent. Mostly, additions have been made to Arabian units, some to speed and attacks, others to archers. If the player wants to recruit anyone, he or she can construct weapons, gather arsenal and harvest resources. Just try to get gold, and make you’re any task possible by selling your gold to others. Now that you have gained quite a good knowledge about Stronghold Crusader, try it out and explore more features of it.


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Stronghold Crusader Videos and Game play



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